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The Nitty Gritty About Buying a Bike

So, here is the thing. Buying a bike simply isn’t easy. There are around 1,578 factors that come into play when buying a bike, and none of those have to do with significant others. With that said, we are here to make the process as easy as we can when it comes to building and shipping bikes all over the world. Here are the major things that you need to know when you buy a bike from Cima Cycles.


All frames and wheels that are produced by Cima Cycles come with a 3-year factory warranty. What does this mean to you? As the world of Carbon Fiber has progressed into the state of the art technology that it is today, it means that the manufacturing processes that go into carbon fiber are refined and very well managed. This means that every Cima Cycles frame and wheelset has to pass a very high level of quality control and assurance. On the off chance someone between the manufacturer and Aspen, CO missed something, you are entitled to a product that is of the highest quality and standard. This means that for any reason a product was received from us, Cima Cycles, to you the original purchaser of the product, with some form of damage that was caused either in the manufacturing of the carbon or in the process of shipping the bike to you, we will replace it. Simple as that.

What this policy does not mean…

If you drive into your garage and forget that you have your bike on your roof rack and the thing explodes into a pile of carbon fiber, we are not responsible for that. If you decide to go out to your local dirt jump park and short your first ever backflip attempt and snap the headtube, that one is on you. See where this is going? Bottom line, if your Cima Cycles frame or wheel get damaged in the act of using them in any way shape or form, including but not limited to; riding, flying, sailing, rolling on, posing for a selfie, or anything that involves you and your bike in any part of the world doing whatever it is that you do with your bike after you take it out of the box and it gets damaged, that is on you. But…

In the unfortunate event that your Cima Cycles frame and or wheel gets damaged while sending the ‘Stevie Smith’ drop at Mont-Sainte-Anne (or something of the like), we are happy to replace the frame and or wheel with what is called, “Crash Replace”. This means that we are happy to get you back on the trail by having you purchase a new product from us, at our cost to get you back out there. This is to say that we can go through the “Crash Replace” process as long as we are still producing your replacement part, or as long as we still have that part in stock. Chances are we will, so just ask. Don’t be that guy and ask for free things because your neighbor ran over your bike with his Hummer. Get him to pay for it.

You just bought a brand new Cima Cycles :insert model here: Dream bike, now what? So here is the deal. You have 30 days from the day you buy your bike at Cima Cycles to return it, FOR WHATEVER REASON.* Not 31, not 15, 30! We guarantee the fit of every bike that we sell, meaning that if you get a bike and realize, “Oh man, I am a Large, not a Medium.”, we can send you the right size bike, no problem. In fact, we have a guy, actually our CEO, who can fit you on a bike via web chat. Seriously, how cool is that?!?! We want you to have the best bike we can get you on, so fit is EXTREMELY important in that process. We are happy to take your calls, or emails if you need to get in touch with us about the fit of your bike.

But, if you simply hate your bike, which would be sad for all parties involved. You have 30days to send it back and get a new one. Just call, email or send a raven and we can get that going.

*If you send a bike back with ANY damage. Nope, not gonna work, we won’t honor the return.