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About Cima

Let’s be honest, riding bikes, super fun! Building bikes and working in the bike industry, still a job. That is where Cima Cycles came from. The founders and people that work at Cima Cycles all have a passion for riding and love working in the industry. It can be a challenge at times, but that’s what got us started. We have a collective 40 plus years working bike shops and saw a need to a change an industry that has inflated its prices, alienated small shop owners and created a “we’re better than you” culture.

Enter Cima Cycles, more importantly, Bert “Bubba” Scott. The longtime owner of Ute City Cycles in Aspen, CO Bubba has been in the industry as a small shop manager and owner for 22 years. After seeing every fad, new innovation, wheel size, frame material and marketing ploy the industry had to offer Bubba saw something missing, a lack in customer (rider) support and an industry that inflated its prices to the point that most people would have to get a second mortgage just to get a bike. So one day a good friend of Ute City Cycles walks in with her dog, Cima. Bubba asks, “Hey, can I name my bike company after your dog? By the way, what does Cima mean?”

Cima: (“Sea-ma.” Sp or “Chea-ma.” Itl.) Spanish or Italian for “top” or “summit”. Ex. La cima del Aspen. The summit of Aspen.

And so the idea was given a name. We offer top (cima) quality carbon fiber frames and wheels to people without costing an arm and a leg by selling bikes direct-to-rider. Cima Cycles frames, wheels and complete bikes are exclusively available at Ute City Cycles in Aspen, CO or online at CimaCycles.com. Well, I guess you know that because you are already here. We are committed to one simple idea, our frames and wheels are made for the ride and sold direct-to-rider so that you can get on the bike of your dreams. But seriously, ride bikes and have more fun! We are Cima Cycles and we are #madefortheride!